The College Admissions Scandal Might not be the Result of Concerned Parenting

Once, I heard an advert on the radio that was a little too obvious.  The person speaking was advising parents to bring their children to an audition for some TV or movie thing, to help your children fulfill their dreams (wording not exact). It sounded to me as if stage parents were being encouraged to put their kids on public display, as well as to lie about their own intentions.  Dreams of an Oscar or Emmy were going through the heads of many parents, while some of those kids must have been thinking, This is so embarrassing.  If they pick me, my … Continue reading The College Admissions Scandal Might not be the Result of Concerned Parenting

Awful Flashback

In 1992, George Michael released a song titled Too Funky.  I like the song and its accompanying video because they’re, uh, too funky. After reading this article in The Telegraph (link below), the song is repeating in my head and won’t quit.  Currently, this fun piece of music and I aren’t meeting under the most pleasant circumstances. Kimberly Guilfoyle used to be married to former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, and at that time we heard way too much about her in the local media.  Oddly (this is my taste for irony talking), she always seemed like kind of an airhead.  An overly … Continue reading Awful Flashback

Predictable Hubris That Won’t Change

Someone I follow on Twitter shared this post by The Donald (see below), but initially I couldn’t view it because I’ve blocked the President-Elect. Why did I go to the trouble of making this post visible and getting angry?  And why am I making the rest of you angry by sharing the screenshot?  Because we can’t be persuaded by Trump’s occasional efforts to appear decent, that’s why. Donald Trump is a hateful narcissist.  We must never allow public relations (or assurances from Oprah) to convince us otherwise, because his actions will always reflect the person he really is. Continue reading Predictable Hubris That Won’t Change