Averting a Misguided Distinction

(Editor’s Note:  The source of this quote is in dispute.  On some websites, the statement is attributed to Greek historian Thucydides.  Others credit William Francis Butler, a senior officer in the British Army during the 19th Century.  Well, it’s possible both dudes said it because it’s pretty darned wise.) THE NATION THAT MAKES A GREAT DISTINCTION BETWEEN ITS SCHOLARS AND ITS WARRIORS WILL HAVE ITS THINKING DONE BY COWARDS AND ITS FIGHTING DONE BY FOOLS. — THUCYDIDES Continue reading Averting a Misguided Distinction

The San Francisco Treat? Whatever.

I confess.  I believed this commercial jingle for years. You can’t imagine how much better I feel after admitting that.  The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Actually, during my entire childhood and adolescence, I heard adults claim Rice-A-Roni was no more popular in San Francisco than anyplace else.  I called bullshit on them.  Every one of them.  I had graphs, pie charts, statistics, gossip column clippings and cable car advertising to prove them wrong. I don’t recall when I was forced out of my denial state and considered the possibility that the San Francisco Municipal … Continue reading The San Francisco Treat? Whatever.