Horrible Flashback at Double Tree

During the Vietnam War, some civilians who opposed the war would approach anyone in an Armed Services uniform and ask how many children that person had killed.  Others would just call the person a disparaging name.  Then there were people who threw anything they had within reach. I’m guessing less than one percent of the population engaged in that abuse, although public opinion gradually went against the war.  Each incident made some veterans feel as if an entire society opposed them personally, though.  One presumptuous individual can make you feel surrounded, especially after you’ve been through a trauma such as … Continue reading Horrible Flashback at Double Tree

Scam Phone Calls

It isn’t easy to be streetwise when someone is messing with your head.  However, you’d better make the effort when someone calls you on the phone and suggests you’ll need to pay him/her money to handle an emergency. Please click the link below to read a CNBC article on MSN’s site. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/personalfinance/you-think-its-a-friend-calling-but-its-actually-a-growing-phone-scam/ar-AAyybAr?ocid=spartandhp Continue reading Scam Phone Calls

This is Progress

Gordon Thomson, who played one of at least three Long-Lost-Carrington-Children-Later-Emerged, Adam Carrington, is disappointed with the way a new, Dynasty-based series on CW is being handled. Although it isn’t anything new that someone connected to an older television series is criticizing a reboot, Carli Velocci’s article, posted on The Wrap and reposted on MSN, appeals to a maturing society.  Note that Mr. Thomson also comes out publicly as gay in the article, but the coming out is secondary.  The lead in — and forty percent of the entire article — is focused on what he has to say about the … Continue reading This is Progress

This is Still Way Down the Road, but…

When the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, there was no “Public Option.”  That meant no Medicare or other Single Payer program for the general public. Single Payer was eliminated from the legislation early because most people were terrified of it.  They’d heard Sarah Palin and other charlatans talk about Death Panels, with Governor Palin suggesting her youngest child could be killed by the government if such legislation passed. Private sector health insurers didn’t like the idea of everyone being on Medicare, either, for obvious reasons. Please don’t blame Barak Obama or Democrats in Congress for Obamacare’s shortcomings.  The … Continue reading This is Still Way Down the Road, but…