Protecting Your Identity on the “Dark Web”

The September 2018 issue of AARP Bulletin has an important cover story by Doug Shadel and Neil Wertheimer on how identity theft often works.  It includes advice on how the general public can make themselves less vulnerable. Please click the link to read the story.  There is no pay wall. Continue reading Protecting Your Identity on the “Dark Web”

Healthcare And Money

Unless you’ve been living someplace without access to any form of media, you’ve heard about how money worries — not just greed — affect the quality of our healthcare. A link to an online New York Times story appears below.  A print version will be in Sunday’s Metro Edition, and possibly the National Edition. The article addresses one angle of the healthcare money crisis which most of us know nothing about, although we may learn through experience if we’re ever in the hospital with a complicated illness. For years, some of us have been saying increases in Medicare and Medicaid … Continue reading Healthcare And Money