Modernization, Aesthetics and Respect for History

Disclosure:  This post appeared originally in different form on a private social media page. This post addresses exterior changes in a historic car dealership building located at the southwest corner of Van Ness Ave. and Bush Street in San Francisco.  The dealership was founded by Ellis Brooks during the 1930s, and originally sold REOs, and then Hudsons to families whose daughters were reading early Nancy Drew mysteries.  The business went through many changes before moving to a smaller storefront around the corner.  If you’ve been curious about the fate of the historic Ellis Brooks Chevrolet neon sign at Bush & … Continue reading Modernization, Aesthetics and Respect for History

Planned Upgrades For NYC Subway

I still miss subway tokens. I’ve visited New York City only three times, in 1994, 1995 and 2012. Subway tokens were part of the aesthetic and emotional experience during the first two visits.  Dropping a token into the turnstile slot and waiting for the green GO signal did something for my self-esteem, and also gave me a genuine feeling of being in New York. Maybe you had to be there to understand. In 2012, I bought my first MetroCard.  It wasn’t as traumatic as expected, but the magnetic striped card was something I associated with a chain sandwich shop replacing … Continue reading Planned Upgrades For NYC Subway