The Remaining Questions About Michael Jackson’s Behavior With Children

(Disclosure:  This piece appears in slightly different form as a private social media post.) Aisha Harris’s article on The New York Times site (link below) is one of the more perceptive things I’ve read regarding the debate on Michael Jackson’s conduct with children. It should also be noted that some needy adults have ways of taking advantage of kids that have nothing to do with sexual assault. Some of those acts are technically legal, albeit morally wrong. When Mr. Jackson was still living, it looked as if he might have been demanding emotional comfort from kids the way someone might seek comfort … Continue reading The Remaining Questions About Michael Jackson’s Behavior With Children

Fosse And Welk!

My father was a Lawrence Welk fan. No, this isn’t what you’re thinking.  My dad watched The Lawrence Welk Show because he found it comical.  He admitted the show was a slick production, though.  Costumes, technical work and the creative part of it were precise, and the formula was a pop success without any substance. It was always my father’s idea to tune in the show, but my mother and I would wander in and out of the room and see some of it. Sometimes we’d laugh with my father, and other times one or both of us would say the silliness … Continue reading Fosse And Welk!

Bob Fosse’s Genius

Recently, I read something on the internet suggesting Michael Jackson didn’t create the Moonwalk which is attributed to him.  He may have named it, but the dance was around before he made it famous. Moonwalk is defined narrowly by some people as a backward slide across the floor.  I’ve always been under the impression it’s something more complicated, including many of the steps in the Bob Fosse video shared on this post.  However, I’m not a dancer or a choreographer, so I could be completely off the mark here.  At any rate, the backward slide and the other steps were performed … Continue reading Bob Fosse’s Genius