The Spoiled Rich Kid Who Might be Anyone

Most of us dislike Donald Trump.  He’s an overprivileged slob who doesn’t mind holding federal employees and the rest of the country hostage to carry out an absurd agenda. Some of us can recall times when our lives were damaged by people of privileged backgrounds who placed entitlement before respect or empathy.  We were good to them, but when we needed some small favor in return we were told, “Gee, I’m busy right now,” or worse, “How dare you?” It can be more extreme than that, but for the sake of brevity I’ll stick to general examples. Depending on whether … Continue reading The Spoiled Rich Kid Who Might be Anyone

Guess Who’s Calling Himself a Victim Now?

I’m imagining this subway groper refusing to get out of bed and whining that women are so mean.  He’s chewing on the corner of his pillow and complaining that the pillow is getting icky. We don’t know the name of this man because he escaped before the police arrived.  He knows his name, though.  He just can’t quite put it together in his head well enough to realize what a fart he is. No, that isn’t speculation on my part.  If you’ve known enough people like him, you find them predictable. The woman he assaulted took a risk, but if … Continue reading Guess Who’s Calling Himself a Victim Now?

What We Can Learn From the Cosby Tragedy

(Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on personal observations only.) Earlier today, we heard that former entertainment legend Bill Cosby was convicted of three felonies related to the sexual assault of Andrea Constand in Pennsylvania.  He has been accused of being a serial rapist. (Note: Ms. Constand has agreed to be identified publicly.) Sexual assault has something predictable in common with every other type of cruelty:  It’s an effort to gain control over one’s own life by creating out-of-control situations for others.  It’s an abuse of power, motivated by weakness … Continue reading What We Can Learn From the Cosby Tragedy