Social Distancing and Cell Phones

(Disclaimer:  I do not work in or have credentials for any field of healthcare or public health.  The views in this blog post are influenced by personal experience and advice I’ve received through the mainstream media.) During the past couple of months, I’ve made very few trips out of my apartment.  Even before people in San Francisco were told to stay at home, I was reacting to an agoraphobic relapse and concern about COVID-19. I feel fortunate.  Presumably, my recent circumstances gave me protection that some other people didn’t have.  If I was exposed to the virus at some point … Continue reading Social Distancing and Cell Phones

Read More Than the Bold Print

This morning I read an article on the Bay Area Reporter’s site which serves as an example of why we must read news and historical accounts carefully.  The article in question concerns LGBT history, and there are many gray areas challenging the optimistic sounding intro. If someone reads only the bold print and first sentence of this item, that person may believe the United Kingdom has been way ahead of the United States on gay men’s rights consistently for fifty years.  It isn’t that simple, though. I suspect people who read carefully have always been in the minority.  That has gotten … Continue reading Read More Than the Bold Print