New E-Book: Women’s Fiction

Earlier this month, I self-published another e-book on Kindle.  It’s a novelette (approx. 11,000 words) for sale at 99 cents (USD), and can be read free of charge by Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  It’s available in all Kindle markets. Below is the cover image for the book, with a link to buy the title on Amazon.  Click the words FREE PREVIEW for, uh, a free preview. Special Needs will appeal primarily to women, but I hope a few men will find something universal in the story and characterizations.   Continue reading New E-Book: Women’s Fiction

Saturday Night Live Aces it

I do just fine without a television.  Streaming and DVDs have covered most of it, and I can live without the occasional show I have to miss. (By the way, the long-awaited George Michael documentary, titled Freedom, will air on Showtime in the United States on Saturday, October 21.  I’ll get to see it because I subscribe to Showtime’s online streaming service.  If you’re very interested in this program and you don’t have Showtime, google the info for the streaming service and decide whether you want to sign up.) Obviously, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live from beginning to end, … Continue reading Saturday Night Live Aces it

Saving Alex (Book Review)

Saving Alex By Alex Cooper with Joanna Brooks Memoir 248 Pages Copyright 2016 Published by Harper One, an Imprint of Harper Collins $24.99 Hardcover ISBN:  978-0-06-237460-8 A tightly-knit religious community can have its advantages.  They can organize in a crisis, and neighbors can develop a sense of loyalty to each other. The downside is when religious doctrine is wrong, and the community runs a mile defending it — at the expense of human decency.  That’s when the atmosphere turns cult-like. Alex Cooper came out as a lesbian to her Southern California parents when she was fifteen.  Her Mormon parents believed … Continue reading Saving Alex (Book Review)

Vintage Lesbian Pulp Book Cover Art

Do any of you remember the Lesbian Pulp Address Book published in 2000 by Chronicle Books?  I still have mine. shewired has posted ten images of covers from the lesbian pulp fiction era, in case you’ve never seen any of the books.  Ann Bannon and Vin Packer were among the best known writers.  Initially, Patricia Highsmith’s The Price Of Salt was published under a pseudonym. Fun Fact: Lawrence Block was writing lesbian pulp in those days.  His pen name was Jill Emerson. Continue reading Vintage Lesbian Pulp Book Cover Art