Michael DeSomer, Friend and Literal Lifesaver

My dear friend, Michael DeSomer. I found this photo on a stranger’s Facebook Timeline last night, and hope she won’t mind if I share it (her Facebook post is visible to the public).  Mike moved away from San Francisco many years ago, and we lost contact. A few years ago I learned that he passed away in Portland, Oregon in 1995. Mike was an original, and his friendship kept me alive when I was in my early twenties and going through one crisis after another. The constant, long-term trauma was preventing me from maturing into a real adult, and Mike … Continue reading Michael DeSomer, Friend and Literal Lifesaver

Vote On November 8

It All Boils Down To This: F*** CRUELTY. Okay, this is an anti-Trump message, but what’s really important is that every eligible voter carries out the responsibility of casting a ballot.  Please make your vote count by filling out your ballot meticulously.  Study the issues carefully, to ensure you are casting a vote which reflects your values. If you aren’t registered and the deadline for registration in your state has passed, you can still help.  You can help by being a thoughtful, courteous and respectful person.   The Donald wants to turn this country into a hateful society, and we must be careful not to let … Continue reading Vote On November 8