Adulting on TikTok

Last night, I did it.  I downloaded the TikTok app and opened an account. Did I mention that I’m sixty?  That’s kind of old for uploading short videos that play in a loop, but it can be done. It’s unlikely I’ll ever star in my own videos.  My video efforts work better with stuffed animals who have finely cultured personalities.  You know, the stuffies I live with. The app allowed me to upload two existing videos last night, and apparently some people saw them.  A separate app on my phone allowed the stuffies’ lips to move in sync with voices … Continue reading Adulting on TikTok

Michael DeSomer, Friend and Literal Lifesaver

My dear friend, Michael DeSomer. I found this photo on a stranger’s Facebook Timeline last night, and hope she won’t mind if I share it (her Facebook post is visible to the public).  Mike moved away from San Francisco many years ago, and we lost contact. A few years ago I learned that he passed away in Portland, Oregon in 1995. Mike was an original, and his friendship kept me alive when I was in my early twenties and going through one crisis after another. The constant, long-term trauma was preventing me from maturing into a real adult, and Mike … Continue reading Michael DeSomer, Friend and Literal Lifesaver

Vote On November 8

It All Boils Down To This: F*** CRUELTY. Okay, this is an anti-Trump message, but what’s really important is that every eligible voter carries out the responsibility of casting a ballot.  Please make your vote count by filling out your ballot meticulously.  Study the issues carefully, to ensure you are casting a vote which reflects your values. If you aren’t registered and the deadline for registration in your state has passed, you can still help.  You can help by being a thoughtful, courteous and respectful person.   The Donald wants to turn this country into a hateful society, and we must be careful not to let … Continue reading Vote On November 8