Dave Hill on Instagram

How can one man — even a man of greatness — be in more than one place at one time? Dave Hill: Writer, Comedian, Actor, Radio Host and Heavy Metal Guitarist.  Today I learned that his alter ego is Ned from Accounting.  He moonlights as my favorite Instagram user.  If you’re on Instagram, you might consider following him. By the way, Dave is also on Twitter.  @mrdavehill Continue reading Dave Hill on Instagram

Scrambling to Post Something

I have a policy of posting on the blog an average of once per day.  If I skip a day, on another day there will be two posts. That system is going well, but shortly after 8:00 Pacific Time this evening I decided against skipping the Saturday post.  This decision was made in spite of having nothing to say. Here are screenshots of two social media posts.  Whatever.  The Instagram post has proven more popular than most of the crapola my Instagram followers must endure. Continue reading Scrambling to Post Something

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

In any corrupt movement — as well as in any legitimate movement — there’s always the flakey, flip-flopping individual who moves up the ladder while standing for nothing in particular.  Experienced people will question whether anyone can trust that person.  However, when an ambitious person’s alleged beliefs jump around like a fart in a frying pan, there are occasional moments when gullible people think they see a positive trait. There may be farts we don’t even know about in the Trump Administration’s proverbial frying pan, but if you’re interested in documentation pointing to one suspect please look closely at this screenshot … Continue reading Whichever Way the Wind Blows