Some Women Just Don’t Get It

We’ve heard the ill-informed things some men say about sexual harassment and sexual assault.  Personally, I can’t get used to any of it, but it doesn’t surprise me now. There’s more of a jolt when women say those things.  Theoretically, women see it from the vantage point of someone who is harassed or assaulted.  They understand that boundaries protect them.  Well, most women understand. I should disclose a whole bunch of stuff before continuing: A close friend of mine — who will be referred to as “D” — was falsely accused of indecent assault on a teenaged boy during the 1990s.  … Continue reading Some Women Just Don’t Get It

Last Night’s Trump Speech in Phoenix

Last night I listened to part of President (sic) Donald Trump’s speech in front of an enthusiastic crowd of his cult followers in Arizona.  At one point during the speech, the audience was chanting the way non-thinkers do when they know their Fearless Leader has all the answers. I heard just part of the speech before turning it off.  I got only the audio portion because the source was CNN on the iPhone Sirius/XM streaming app.  That was enough.  I was sure some of those airheads were wearing bright red Make America Great Again visor caps, but it wasn’t necessary to see … Continue reading Last Night’s Trump Speech in Phoenix

Read More Than the Bold Print

This morning I read an article on the Bay Area Reporter’s site which serves as an example of why we must read news and historical accounts carefully.  The article in question concerns LGBT history, and there are many gray areas challenging the optimistic sounding intro. If someone reads only the bold print and first sentence of this item, that person may believe the United Kingdom has been way ahead of the United States on gay men’s rights consistently for fifty years.  It isn’t that simple, though. I suspect people who read carefully have always been in the minority.  That has gotten … Continue reading Read More Than the Bold Print

Averting a Misguided Distinction

(Editor’s Note:  The source of this quote is in dispute.  On some websites, the statement is attributed to Greek historian Thucydides.  Others credit William Francis Butler, a senior officer in the British Army during the 19th Century.  Well, it’s possible both dudes said it because it’s pretty darned wise.) THE NATION THAT MAKES A GREAT DISTINCTION BETWEEN ITS SCHOLARS AND ITS WARRIORS WILL HAVE ITS THINKING DONE BY COWARDS AND ITS FIGHTING DONE BY FOOLS. — THUCYDIDES Continue reading Averting a Misguided Distinction