In my Defense, the Situation had Been Awkward for Years

You’ve met them:  The people who work with the public, who can’t respond to a simple inquiry without engaging the person who makes the inquiry. By “engaging,” I mean starting a conversation. These are usually the owners of small businesses — which I support completely — and salespersons working on a commission basis.  They have little control over their situations.  They need the business, and the bottom line is better if they can make us feel attractive or intelligent. This makes me uncomfortable.  I don’t have much of a social life to start with, and I feel suspicious when someone … Continue reading In my Defense, the Situation had Been Awkward for Years

Listening to New Old Music

This month I’ve returned to Renaissance Music. For the uninitiated, the Renaissance Era is sandwiched between the Medieval and Baroque Periods, with some overlap.  A good ballpark figure is 1300-1600 A.D. I understand the Renaissance wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, when unspeakable things still happened without question.  However, the period was noted for progress, especially in the arts. In the Twenty-First Century, the preferred method of familiarizing ourselves with early music — or any type of music — is buying some of it on iTunes and listening through earbuds.  There’s also Spotify, other streaming services and CDs.  … Continue reading Listening to New Old Music