Slow News Day, Maybe

I’m not making any excuses for this, other than the fact that I’ve been busy and tired. There was also that matter of having to call rescuers when I saw a squirming pair of feet sticking out of a large bin.  The person in question said he had been trying to get a used newspaper free of charge.  I hope he didn’t ruin that business suit. You have to be able to unsee something like that before you can focus on anything else, so I took some time off from the blog.  Now I want to compensate by posting something. Continue reading Slow News Day, Maybe

In my Defense, the Situation had Been Awkward for Years

You’ve met them:  The people who work with the public, who can’t respond to a simple inquiry without engaging the person who makes the inquiry. By “engaging,” I mean starting a conversation. These are usually the owners of small businesses — which I support completely — and salespersons working on a commission basis.  They have little control over their situations.  They need the business, and the bottom line is better if they can make us feel attractive or intelligent. This makes me uncomfortable.  I don’t have much of a social life to start with, and I feel suspicious when someone … Continue reading In my Defense, the Situation had Been Awkward for Years