What Would Albert Camus Do?

Sometimes, I’ve wondered what — if anything — would happen if I had to check into a hospital anytime in the near future and was asked about my religion. My answer to that question would be NONE.  SECULAR HUMANIST.  If asked whether I’d like to be visited by a clergymember, the answer would be NO, BUT THANKS FOR ASKING. My lack of religion has created awkward situations in other settings.  During a morning commute in 2012, I sat in the back of a taxicab leaving JFK Airport for Manhattan.  Traffic was moving at a snail’s pace, and the driver tried … Continue reading What Would Albert Camus Do?

Humanists Address Bullying

The website thehumanist.com has an interesting online conversation (part of it in the comment section) on bullying among young children. This is an especially delicate topic for me personally, and I was careful not to get too emotional in my replies.  So, be warned that I held back some serious stuff that’s bursting out now. It should be noted that both of my parents are deceased, and I have ambivalent feelings about describing their past behavior.  Still, what happened, happened. I was bullied when I was a child, and the onset of it was especially bizarre.  For the first two … Continue reading Humanists Address Bullying

Controversial New York Prison Security Policy on Hold

Governor Mario Cuomo has ordered the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision in New York State to halt — at least temporarily — a policy which went into effect ten days earlier.  The policy restricted the sources for items delivered to inmates. I’ve never been in a prison, either as an inmate or as a visitor.  I have no personal experience with the frustrating and humiliating roadblocks people must navigate in those places.  However, adults should have enough experience in life (and some basic book smarts) to see when concrete policy isn’t the answer to a complicated human problem. A New … Continue reading Controversial New York Prison Security Policy on Hold

Red Nose Day

If you shop at Walgreen’s, you’ve heard of Red Nose Day.  In the U.S., that’s today (May 25).  Do you know what Red Nose Day is, though? I’ve donated online because that seems preferable to buying the plastic toys, pens, etc. at Walgreen’s.  The novelty items raise a lot of money, though, and given the importance of helping young people I guess I won’t knock it.  Here’s a link to a FAQ page on the organization’s official site, describing how fundraising works in the United States and which nonprofits benefit: https://rednoseday.org/frequently-asked-questions A separate Red Nose Day fundraising drive (with different … Continue reading Red Nose Day

Good People Are Sensitive. Bullies Are Just Thin-Skinned

Maybe the title of this post oversimplifies things. The topic is embarrassing photos.  People with integrity won’t snap pictures of someone’s most humiliating moments and post them online, and I wish we could get that message across to the juvenile types who haven’t grasped the concept. When a man gets an inopportune erection or a woman has a menstrual bleed-through, the best people (of any age)  will either pretend not to notice or do something to protect the unfortunate person.  It isn’t unheard of for two women to be seen walking, one close behind the other, to the restroom.  Don’t … Continue reading Good People Are Sensitive. Bullies Are Just Thin-Skinned