Another Random Thought

I spent part of the weekend housecleaning.  I also plugged up the bathroom sink drain while rinsing grime off of cleaning cloths. Fortunately, baking soda and vinegar cleared the drain. We each have our own definition of the word “clean,” and that definition may change when we’re expecting company.  In my case, the definition didn’t change one bit.  I had just allowed the window blinds, baseboards and a few other things to go too long without maintenance, and decided something had to be done. Last night a weird dream proved reassuring, but it was reassuring only as long as the … Continue reading Another Random Thought

Odors In Our Homes

A few days ago, I posted something about getting our homes tidied up for spring.  Note that the post didn’t mention cigars, pets or oblivious people who cook fish and then say, “What’s the problem?” DNAinfo has advice from professionals to deal with the stinky stuff. Sometimes the ideal answers are expensive, but the article also suggests alternatives. Here’s the link.  Good luck with the cat pee. Continue reading Odors In Our Homes