NHS England: Selling Hospital Property and Shuffling the Results

Recently, I’ve posted a few items about the tragedy of National Health Service (NHS) England budget cuts. Although the posts were well researched and I stand by them, there’s one more aspect of the way this system is managed that is threatening public health. The public health sector is selling property and downsizing.  Of course, there’s always the public relations spin that patients will not suffer because the system will operate more efficiently.  Maybe an illustration of Alice (of Alice in Wonderland fame) should accompany press releases. Please consider reading this article, which appeared on The Guardian’s site about eleven months ago.  It describes … Continue reading NHS England: Selling Hospital Property and Shuffling the Results

Unacceptable Maternity Hospital Conditions “Improving”

National Health Service maternity hospitals in England are overwhelmed.  Underfunding and a shortage of midwives have resulted in one in four women experiencing labor or childbirth without help from caregivers. There’s a slight improvement in statistical figures since a similar survey was conducted in 2015. Please click the link to read the report on The Guardian’s site by Denis Campbell. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/jan/30/nhs-leaves-one-in-four-mothers-alone-during-labour-or-childbirth?CMP=twt_gu&__twitter_impression=true Continue reading Unacceptable Maternity Hospital Conditions “Improving”

The Financial Strain on N.H.S. Hospitals is Life-Threatening

Last February, Bethany Shipsey died of an apparent overdose of diet pills in the Accident and Emergency Department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester, England, U.K.  The Coroner has not yet released a full conclusion to the investigation, but an announcement is expected next month. For years, we’ve heard about the tax burden on the wealthy in the U.K. being eased during the Nineteen-Eighties, as well as the consequences for the general population.  Today, Steve Morris, a journalist with The Guardian, posted a report on the death of a patient last year in an N.H.S. Trust hospital.  It seems likely Bethany Shipsey’s death … Continue reading The Financial Strain on N.H.S. Hospitals is Life-Threatening

Healthcare And Money

Unless you’ve been living someplace without access to any form of media, you’ve heard about how money worries — not just greed — affect the quality of our healthcare. A link to an online New York Times story appears below.  A print version will be in Sunday’s Metro Edition, and possibly the National Edition. The article addresses one angle of the healthcare money crisis which most of us know nothing about, although we may learn through experience if we’re ever in the hospital with a complicated illness. For years, some of us have been saying increases in Medicare and Medicaid … Continue reading Healthcare And Money