The George Michael Essay You May Have Missed

(Note:  A link to a 2005 essay on The Advocate’s website by George Michael appears at the end of this post.) The Advocate, an LGBT publication founded in 1967, has never achieved mainstream popularity.  However, occasionally it has had features that appeal to people who don’t fit the magazine’s readership profile. I remember buying The Advocate in 1979, when I was first coming out as bisexual.  At the time, I thought maybe I was gay, but more recent history has proven otherwise.  Still bi. When I was coming out, The Advocate was printed on newsprint — the correct name for the paper used … Continue reading The George Michael Essay You May Have Missed

Yes, This Still Happens

People who ignore international news may assume the progress made by the LGBT movement in the West is more far-reaching than it really is. All human rights victories have potential for expanding, though.  When some countries agree that a segment of society must be respected as individuals, there’s pressure for others to use similar common sense. That said, please read this BBC report, posted online yesterday.  A link appears below.  As horrifying as it is, we should appreciate the fact that an international news service finds this serious enough to report. Zanzibar is an island located in the Indian Ocean, … Continue reading Yes, This Still Happens

Saving Alex (Book Review)

Saving Alex By Alex Cooper with Joanna Brooks Memoir 248 Pages Copyright 2016 Published by Harper One, an Imprint of Harper Collins $24.99 Hardcover ISBN:  978-0-06-237460-8 A tightly-knit religious community can have its advantages.  They can organize in a crisis, and neighbors can develop a sense of loyalty to each other. The downside is when religious doctrine is wrong, and the community runs a mile defending it — at the expense of human decency.  That’s when the atmosphere turns cult-like. Alex Cooper came out as a lesbian to her Southern California parents when she was fifteen.  Her Mormon parents believed … Continue reading Saving Alex (Book Review)

Pulse Club Shooting

We’re still waiting for news updates on the tragedy in Orlando, Florida.  However, it appears one person used an assault rifle to open fire on the Saturday night crowd in a gay club. The person committing the shooting is thought to be a religious extremist.  The word “Muslim” is likely to be played up in the news, but the truth is any type of extreme thinking will interfere with reasoning and suppress a person’s empathy.  All extremism is dangerous because it prompts people to act on impulse.  It can take over everything inside a person’s head. Donald Trump has gone … Continue reading Pulse Club Shooting

LDS Church Sees Limits To Glorifying The Family

This is disgraceful.  It’s also an example of an institution playing with people’s emotions to maintain power.  The New York Times is reporting on a policy for requiring children of same sex couples to turn eighteen, move out of their parents’ homes and state that homosexuality is wrong before they can be baptized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  A link to the Times article appears below. Currently, the church is on the offensive and the defensive at the same time.  This happens all the time with powerful people who are wrong.  Society in general — which includes … Continue reading LDS Church Sees Limits To Glorifying The Family