Every Human Condition Belongs to Someone

(Disclosure:  This post appears in slightly different form on a private social media page.) Yesterday I visited a grocery store once and a drugstore three times (the drugstore transactions included bottled water, which was too heavy for one trip). In every one of those instances, all hell was breaking loose in the store.  Disruptive “customers,” most or all of whom were stealing, were running amok. I know this is more common in San Francisco now.  Is it getting worse everywhere? While walking home from the grocery store which was about a mile from my apartment, I noticed a copy of … Continue reading Every Human Condition Belongs to Someone

Now We’re Dragging Classical Music Into It

I read Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange forty years ago.  I won’t try to recall very much of the novel from memory, but I’m pretty sure the central character, Alex, enjoyed classical music, partly because it stimulated him to do evil things. Wasn’t Alex forced to listen to classical music while undergoing aversion therapy? Again, I won’t place too much confidence in memory. A fast food restaurant in my neck of the woods is using loud classical music to drive away homeless people who loiter on the sidewalk near the restaurant. We still don’t have answers to the tragedy of people … Continue reading Now We’re Dragging Classical Music Into It