Did You Overshop? Please Consider Offering to Help Others

The COVID-19 tragedy is testing our ethical values.  We can think of how we can be supportive of each other and use good judgment, or we can hide from our conscience and jump into the next toilet paper fight (Editor’s Note: Other people will see you in the predictable video, so think twice about fighting). Some of us bought too much of one thing or another without being consciously aware of it, and now we can turn that into something positive by being generous with others. The building complex where I live has an online message board for residents, and … Continue reading Did You Overshop? Please Consider Offering to Help Others

Desperation Can Turn You Into a Sad Clown

A few minutes ago I saw a Twitter post which included a short video, allegedly recorded in Australia. The impromptu, candid recording was of a fight between customers in a grocery store.  We can expect that now, with the current health crisis, advice to self-isolate and shortages of merchandise that everyone wants. In this instance, the dispute was over toilet paper.  One customer who loaded her cart with jumbo packages was challenged by another customer who wanted to buy the last package on the shelf. Personally, I was rooting for the woman who wanted only one package (without even being … Continue reading Desperation Can Turn You Into a Sad Clown

Handling an Estate Sale Responsibly

Disclaimer:  I am neither an attorney nor a professional fiduciary, and I have no expertise on dealing with estate matters.  The concerns expressed in this post are based on personal observations. Yesterday (Sunday), I went for a walk through one of San Francisco’s relatively upscale residential neighborhoods. On my way to the public library branch, I saw a sign announcing an estate sale.  I had to give this some thought, before unwisely deciding I’d stop by the house and possibly buy something. I remembered going to a couple of estate sales, and assisting in one other.  If you have the … Continue reading Handling an Estate Sale Responsibly

Clutter And Responsible Spring Cleaning

Officially, spring begins this weekend. Look around your home.  Is there some clutter you’d like to get rid of?  Most people prefer not to answer that question, but I feel as if I know you well enough… In the past week, I have donated books and clothing, and found some worn out clothing that can go into a textiles bin.  So far, nothing which has been sitting around the apartment has gone into landfill, but I’ll forgive myself if that becomes necessary. Until recently, a lot of us didn’t bother to sort anything we wanted to be rid of.  Concern … Continue reading Clutter And Responsible Spring Cleaning

David Remnick’s Comment On Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Missed

This morning I finally got started reading last week’s issue of The New Yorker. If you’re only one week behind on your reading, count your blessings. I have unread copies of The New Yorker, The New York Review Of Books and The Progressive which go back months — or years.  You don’t even want to know about the books, most of which are stored in boxes and an e-reader. Note: The home organizer mentality is not completely absent.  Instead of a regular bed, a futon is positioned on top of several large boxes of books.  This isn’t recommended for everyone, but it’s an idea. … Continue reading David Remnick’s Comment On Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Missed

Reading Material Overkill

Raise your hand if you’ve ever subscribed to more magazines you can read.  Now, raise your other hand if you refuse to discard unread magazines because you “might” get around to reading them later. I may have inherited this tendency.  It appears to be in the bloodline. Presently, most of the unread copies of The New Yorker, The New York Review Of Books and others are in cardboard boxes, to prevent my 391 square foot studio from getting cluttered.  Sadly, that’s also the easiest way to hang onto magazines and forget you have them. A new policy has been enacted.  Yeah, besides … Continue reading Reading Material Overkill