In Distress

After doing some of my own fact checking, I’ve concluded that not one of us really knows what we’re talking about.  You may disagree. In any event, this post has two links and some crap added since it was posted a couple of hours ago. Anyone with good sense is in distress right now.  For a few people, meditation or something less healthy will ease the anxiety, but a lot of us are badly shaken right now. Between the Russian government’s alleged hacking of the election, FBI Director James Comey’s partisan pre-election “investigation” and The Donald’s loose cannon decision-making habits, … Continue reading In Distress

Oh, Gross.

I skipped the Trump-Clinton debate last night, but kept track of what people were saying on social media. Is anyone still undecided? I’m in the habit of voting for the Democratic candidate for President (and for most other offices), and for a long time I’ve been pretty clear on Donald Trump being a monster.  Besides, last night’s debate was expected to be one more Trump Freak Show.  A bunch of people besides me must have felt justified sitting this one out. My Twitter pals generally agree on politics.  When we post opinions, we’re preaching to the choir, so to speak. … Continue reading Oh, Gross.

Melania’s Plagiarism

The GOP is self-destructing at its own convention, and it’s giving me hope for the future. Granted, Mrs. Trump’s speech is small compared to other issues with her husband and the party.  Be that as it may, we should welcome every hiccup in the Republican campaign. Please forgive me.  Be that as it may is a stuffy expression that’s too good to pass up.  Use it every chance you get. There’s one human factor which helps Republicans in practically every election, though.  The party has a large proportion of voters who never miss an election, and they never vote for Democrats. … Continue reading Melania’s Plagiarism