Blood Pressure Med Recall

Below, please see the link to a USA Today article, shared on MSN’s site.  If you or someone you are caring for is taking a “Losartan” drug, read the article carefully and click the available links. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if your medicine is affected by this recall (or if you just aren’t sure).  If you are using one of the listed drugs, your doctor may need to prescribe a different med to replace it.  High blood pressure is a potentially fatal condition, so you must follow your physician’s instructions. Continue reading Blood Pressure Med Recall

NHS England: Selling Hospital Property and Shuffling the Results

Recently, I’ve posted a few items about the tragedy of National Health Service (NHS) England budget cuts. Although the posts were well researched and I stand by them, there’s one more aspect of the way this system is managed that is threatening public health. The public health sector is selling property and downsizing.  Of course, there’s always the public relations spin that patients will not suffer because the system will operate more efficiently.  Maybe an illustration of Alice (of Alice in Wonderland fame) should accompany press releases. Please consider reading this article, which appeared on The Guardian’s site about eleven months ago.  It describes … Continue reading NHS England: Selling Hospital Property and Shuffling the Results

Let’s Hope This is as Good as it Sounds

At the end of this post, please find a link to an article posted today on The Guardian’s site. Until recently, Theresa May preferred to avoid saying too much about National Health Service (N.H.S.) England funding because her party was avoiding saying too much.  Pressure from Jeremy Corbyn and quite a few other people — including the general public — may be working, though. Lack of N.H.S. funding has been fatal to some patients.  There’s no way around resolving the problem, especially with baby boomers getting older.  Don’t scapegoat immigrants.  More people are needing more care, regardless. It’s the same in the … Continue reading Let’s Hope This is as Good as it Sounds

Treating Eating Disorders Early

Note:  I am not a mental health professional.  My knowledge of this topic is from personal experience and books for the general reader. I’ve suffered sporadic anorexic episodes since I was a child.  I’m fifty-seven now, and happily, I can say the last two relapses were years apart.  The most recent was in 2015, though, and I don’t know whether the monster will be back anytime in the future. I become ill easily when I stop eating, and I can’t stand being ill.  So, the anorexic stuff has never reached the point where I’ve been admitted to a hospital with … Continue reading Treating Eating Disorders Early

Take Me to Your Leader — Unless She’s in Denial

Please click the link below to read political commentary by Andrew Sparrow at The Guardian.  It includes a video (running time: under two minutes) which should give you an idea of Prime Minister Theresa May’s attitude toward the National Health Service funding crisis in England. If you don’t live in the United Kingdom, you might find Mr. Sparrow’s reference to No. 10 mysterious.  It’s 10 Downing Street, the address of the residence/office of the Prime Minister. What’s this business of a Tory politician suggesting all’s good with the National Health Service in England, using the reasoning that conditions are worse under the Labour … Continue reading Take Me to Your Leader — Unless She’s in Denial

The Financial Strain on N.H.S. Hospitals is Life-Threatening

Last February, Bethany Shipsey died of an apparent overdose of diet pills in the Accident and Emergency Department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester, England, U.K.  The Coroner has not yet released a full conclusion to the investigation, but an announcement is expected next month. For years, we’ve heard about the tax burden on the wealthy in the U.K. being eased during the Nineteen-Eighties, as well as the consequences for the general population.  Today, Steve Morris, a journalist with The Guardian, posted a report on the death of a patient last year in an N.H.S. Trust hospital.  It seems likely Bethany Shipsey’s death … Continue reading The Financial Strain on N.H.S. Hospitals is Life-Threatening

N.H.S. Patients Must Wait

I live in the United States, where many of us have admired the National Health Service (N.H.S.) in the United Kingdom (which some of us refer to generically as “England,” although England is only part of the U.K.). I was born in 1960, and as far back as I can remember I heard Americans say, “If we lived in England, we could just get treatment without showing an insurance card or having our family arrive at the hospital with a truckload of cash.” (Clarification: In the early 1980s — yes, the Reagan Years, as incredible as that sounds — a … Continue reading N.H.S. Patients Must Wait

Getting the Ball Rolling on Healthcare

Actually, the title of this blog post applies correctly to something that happened a few years ago.  The Affordable Care Act, with all of its GOP-instigated compromises that made it barely functional for many people, got the proverbial ball rolling. Now it’s time to do more. Medicare for all isn’t a new idea, but educated Americans have seen enough of the current ACA system to know we need changes that benefit patients, not businesses.  The Affordable Care Act isn’t working for everyone, and the answer isn’t to obey Donald Trump and repeal it.  The answer is to develop a system … Continue reading Getting the Ball Rolling on Healthcare

This is Still Way Down the Road, but…

When the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, there was no “Public Option.”  That meant no Medicare or other Single Payer program for the general public. Single Payer was eliminated from the legislation early because most people were terrified of it.  They’d heard Sarah Palin and other charlatans talk about Death Panels, with Governor Palin suggesting her youngest child could be killed by the government if such legislation passed. Private sector health insurers didn’t like the idea of everyone being on Medicare, either, for obvious reasons. Please don’t blame Barak Obama or Democrats in Congress for Obamacare’s shortcomings.  The … Continue reading This is Still Way Down the Road, but…