Social Distancing and Cell Phones

(Disclaimer:  I do not work in or have credentials for any field of healthcare or public health.  The views in this blog post are influenced by personal experience and advice I’ve received through the mainstream media.) During the past couple of months, I’ve made very few trips out of my apartment.  Even before people in San Francisco were told to stay at home, I was reacting to an agoraphobic relapse and concern about COVID-19. I feel fortunate.  Presumably, my recent circumstances gave me protection that some other people didn’t have.  If I was exposed to the virus at some point … Continue reading Social Distancing and Cell Phones

Health and Family Planning

Here are two views on the concept of cleaning up one’s health before conceiving a child.  Both have merit.  If you have time, please click the links and read each post thoroughly. Continue reading Health and Family Planning

Why am I Still Giggling Like a Child?

Circa 1970, a commercial for a medicinal skin care product made a reference to “the heartbreak of Psoriasis.” I was roughly ten years old then, and found it so ludicrous I had to laugh.  I didn’t want to ridicule anyone’s suffering, but that heartbreak stuff was just too much.  You were heartbroken when something happened in your personal life, not your health.  The man who did the voiceover in the commercial sounded so sincere, too. Two months ago, I was diagnosed with Psoriasis at the age of fifty-seven.  Shit. I don’t find this heartbreaking.  It’s annoying, unsettling and relatively disgusting.  … Continue reading Why am I Still Giggling Like a Child?

Why the Anti-Vaxxers are Wrong

Disclaimer:  I have no background in healthcare.  My own opinions regarding health issues are based on personal experience, observation and print material available to general readers. Please click the two links at the end of this post.  One goes to an outstanding New York Times op-ed piece by Dr. Peter J. Hotez, and the other goes to an American Academy of Pediatrics document with additional links to research documents on childhood vaccines. I’ll admit I haven’t looked very closely at the latter. We can’t argue with the claim that a small number of people have become very ill after receiving one … Continue reading Why the Anti-Vaxxers are Wrong

Promoting Healthy Habits

At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to an article in The Guardian, describing how the right approach can influence nutrition choices in young people. It’s just common sense, and I find it regrettable that we haven’t discussed this topic at length before now. The observations made by researchers at the University Of Texas Austin don’t apply only to teenagers.  Many adults will also find it thought-provoking if it’s brought to their attention that their choices are being manipulated for profit.  No one likes being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, junk food is addictive, and not everyone who is hooked … Continue reading Promoting Healthy Habits