Knowing how to Read or Listen Involves Careful Thinking

Disclosure:  This post appears in slightly different form on a private social media page. Local news reports often place dirty laundry entertainment ahead of informing the public. It’s all about ratings, clicks or selling papers or magazines.  There’s a combination profit-power motive. That’s partly the fault of the public, and partly the fault of people who have sold out to a competitive rumor-mongering system (the latter do that to stay in business, which is our fault because we fail to boycott sensational reporting). It’s also partly the fault of people outside the “news community” who release or fabricate information to … Continue reading Knowing how to Read or Listen Involves Careful Thinking

Please Stop Voting for Conservatives. You’re Hurting Your Country.

At the end of this post you’ll find a link to a predictable report on poverty in the United Kingdom, posted today on The Independent’s site. I know.  It isn’t just Tories and Republicans.  It’s also public officials who know better, cooperating with Tories and Republicans.  In 1996, U.S. President Bill Clinton — a Democrat — signed so-called welfare reform legislation which was destined to put more families on the streets.  He was cooperating with Republicans in Congress, and complying with misguided public opinion.  It was a self-serving, rotten thing to do, but he wanted to be re-elected (which he probably would … Continue reading Please Stop Voting for Conservatives. You’re Hurting Your Country.

Combination Blog Post-Facebook Screenshot Today

This should have been posted to the blog first and then shared on social media, but today it went the other way around. Ahmad Khan Rahamia is now in custody, suspected of being involved in Saturday night’s bombing in the Chelsea District of Manhattan. Clarification: There’s no indication that the hoax originated with the NY Post.  However, the Post was one of the — maybe one of many — outlets to report the claims.  The blog in question was registered with tumblr, which deleted the user’s account immediately after being notified of the problem. Continue reading Combination Blog Post-Facebook Screenshot Today

The Donald’s Announcement

I hope the mainstream media are emphasizing that Donald Trump’s VP Running Mate Announcement was scheduled as a news conference, not a campaign speech.  Journalists arrived with lists of questions they planned to ask, but those questions went to waste. It was a campaign speech.  No questions allowed.  It was more about The Donald than Mike Pence, too, although if straightforward statements had been made about Governor Pence’s politics the speech may have been equally obnoxious. I’m wondering how many Donald enthusiasts listened to that nonsense and felt confident they were supporting the right candidates.  We should also ask when … Continue reading The Donald’s Announcement