The “Kensington” Stereotype

I haven’t traveled to London, but I’d like to.  Until then, I’ll remind myself of what I don’t know. Today, the New York Times posted a detailed, lengthy article by Katrin Bennhold which challenges everything outsiders assume about one district in London.  I’ll withhold my own comments and let you read the story.  Then you can reach your own conclusion.  The link is below. Wait.  No, I won’t withhold every one of my own comments:  This sounds exactly like what happens in the United States, and we should be disgusted.  It’s a disgraceful situation which has to change, but if … Continue reading The “Kensington” Stereotype

Grenfell Tower: Keeping it Cheap, at all Costs

Please click the link below to read the latest information made public about financial shortcuts taken with Grenfell Tower renovations.  Grenfell Tower is the low-rent residential building in London which burned on May 15, killing many of its residents. Evidently, a government regulatory agency allowed inexpensive cladding panels to be used when it was clear the materials heightened the building’s fire risk.  The party responsible for costs saved approximately £300,000 GBP, or about $392,000 USD. Please read the article in its entirety.  The last paragraph describes instructions residents received in advance on how to protect their safety in the event … Continue reading Grenfell Tower: Keeping it Cheap, at all Costs