Yes, I’m Part English. And Irish. And Welsh. And I Haven’t Traveled.

Please see the link at the end of this post.  It goes to a Mental Floss UK article by James Hunt, explaining something most Americans find confusing. Some of us are sophisticated with our ancestry, and some of us are not.  I blame my lack of sophistication on the fact that I’ve never so much as applied for a passport. Still, I’m learning the dialect used by people in the country where most of my father’s family came from:  England.  The internet helps, when I find a website that’s trusted to post accurate information.  The out-of-print reference book British English A … Continue reading Yes, I’m Part English. And Irish. And Welsh. And I Haven’t Traveled.

Yes, it’s Important Education

(Disclaimer: I am not an educator or health professional.  The opinions in this blog post are based on personal experience and observation) I live in California, where a terribly misguided legislative bill was passed and signed by the Governor sometime after I left school.  The law, which is still in effect after more than thirty years, requires parental consent before students in taxpayer funded (public) schools can receive sex education. I remember the arguments in favor of the bill, and most were centered on parental entitlement.  Parents wanted to control what their kids were told about sex, and in some … Continue reading Yes, it’s Important Education