Guess Who’s Calling Himself a Victim Now?

I’m imagining this subway groper refusing to get out of bed and whining that women are so mean.  He’s chewing on the corner of his pillow and complaining that the pillow is getting icky. We don’t know the name of this man because he escaped before the police arrived.  He knows his name, though.  He just can’t quite put it together in his head well enough to realize what a fart he is. No, that isn’t speculation on my part.  If you’ve known enough people like him, you find them predictable. The woman he assaulted took a risk, but if … Continue reading Guess Who’s Calling Himself a Victim Now?

The Infinite Reading List

Almost anyone who appreciates the printed word has one.  It’s the terrifying, insurmountable To Be Read List. My list was at its peak when a bedbug infestation hit the fan in 2009.  I had to discard most of the unread books, and the rest were wrapped for eighteen months before they could rejoin the community.  Even after a year and a half of staring at books in sealed plastic bags and gently moving them to a new apartment, I left many on the proverbial back burner. Eventually, the books were unwrapped, and allowed to resume breathing.  However, most were denied … Continue reading The Infinite Reading List

Back From New York City

In case no one noticed — and I’m pretty sure no one noticed — I didn’t post to this blog for a few days. I was in New York City, running all over the place and exceeding the data limit on my iPhone.  Photos were posted on social media, but the phone didn’t have the capacity to post photos to the blog. I’m exhausted, but if anyone’s in the mood for something pretty here are a bunch of spring flowers near Grand Central Terminal. Continue reading Back From New York City

Fun And Embarrassment With Names And The Alphabet

The last time I was in New York City, I brought home a MetroCard-themed mouse pad from the Transit Museum Store at Grand Central Terminal. I’ve been to New York only three times, and the most recent visit was in 2012.  Someone with that little exposure to Manhattan and the Outer Boroughs can’t speak with authority on all things NYC, but here’s one thing which should be emphasized before the subject changes too much: Grand Central Terminal is the correct name for the transit hub mentioned in the first paragraph.  Grand Central Station is the post office.  I have that … Continue reading Fun And Embarrassment With Names And The Alphabet

Kitchen Fire At Grand Central Reasturant

Earlier today, a fire broke out at Junior’s Restaurant on the lower level of Grand Central Terminal.  The FDNY responded and extinguished the fire promptly, before it could cause extensive damage.  According to DNAinfo, no injuries were reported. At the time, there was special concern because of the attacks in Brussels, Belgium, but by all indications the fire at Junior’s was accidental. Some people in Midtown took photographs and recorded video which were uploaded to the DNAinfo website.  Here’s a link to the article: Continue reading Kitchen Fire At Grand Central Reasturant