Follow-Up to Yesterday’s Aaron Schlossberg Post

Yes, evidently that was attorney Aaron Schlossberg who went into a Fresh Kitchen restaurant on Madison Ave. in NYC and shouted at employees that they shouldn’t be speaking Spanish. Mr. Schlossberg was identified very soon after the videotaped incident, which raised questions about whether the wrong person had been named.  Last time I looked, the WNYC-owned was refusing to post his name in their article on the topic because his identity hadn’t been confirmed to their satisfaction. The Gothamist writer was right to hold back.  We must use caution with details that haven’t been verified — especially when someone’s reputation is at risk.  … Continue reading Follow-Up to Yesterday’s Aaron Schlossberg Post

Gothamist and DNAinfo Have Shut Down

If you read local New York City news online, you have lost two resources. Gothamist and DNAinfo, two of the most popular sites for New Yorkers and people who are just curious about New York City, closed after employees voted to join a union.  Other regional sites owned by publisher Joe Ricketts, including SFist, have also shut down. Mr. Ricketts has posted negatively about unions on his blog, and a link to an anti-union blog post appears below. There’s also a link to a New York Times article on the closure.  The Times article lists names of other, extant NYC news sites, in blue text.  Click … Continue reading Gothamist and DNAinfo Have Shut Down

Sloppy Journalism

Yesterday, Steve Inskeep did a beautiful job of interviewing and fact-challenging a Steve Bannon apologist, Joel Pollak, on Morning Edition. On the same day, laid the proverbial egg. An adjunct professor at Rutgers, Kevin Allred, was interviewed for an article about intimidation in the Age Of Trump.  He is suspected of posting inflammatory Twitter statements and saying alarming things in class.  A link to the article appears at the end of this post, describing how he was forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The two tweets in question (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds) have been deleted from … Continue reading Sloppy Journalism