George Michael’s Poetry at Age 11

George Michael was a genius.  He was also a natural writer. Please click the link to see two samples of his perceptions and writing ability when he was eleven.  Then take a moment to appreciate a highly sensitive person who proved to be very strong. Continue reading George Michael’s Poetry at Age 11

Dave Hill on Instagram

How can one man — even a man of greatness — be in more than one place at one time? Dave Hill: Writer, Comedian, Actor, Radio Host and Heavy Metal Guitarist.  Today I learned that his alter ego is Ned from Accounting.  He moonlights as my favorite Instagram user.  If you’re on Instagram, you might consider following him. By the way, Dave is also on Twitter.  @mrdavehill Continue reading Dave Hill on Instagram

Excerpt From Harold Pinter’s Brilliant Nobel Speech

(Editor’s Note: Only a creative person can understand why Mr. Pinter’s comment makes sense.  We can debate vague issues such as the thin line between genius and madness, but those debates have rarely produced anything except more creative work.  That’s the way it should be, too. Out of respect for artists, we must also acknowledge that questioning a creative person’s stability can hinder the creative process.  Not every artist can tell the naysayers to go to hell. There may be nothing in the following quote to benefit anyone except other artists, or people who have a sincere appreciation of art. … Continue reading Excerpt From Harold Pinter’s Brilliant Nobel Speech