New E-Book: Women’s Fiction

Earlier this month, I self-published another e-book on Kindle.  It’s a novelette (approx. 11,000 words) for sale at 99 cents (USD), and can be read free of charge by Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  It’s available in all Kindle markets. Below is the cover image for the book, with a link to buy the title on Amazon.  Click the words FREE PREVIEW for, uh, a free preview. Special Needs will appeal primarily to women, but I hope a few men will find something universal in the story and characterizations.   Continue reading New E-Book: Women’s Fiction

Keep Her Close by Erik Therme (Book Review)

Keep Her Close by Therme, Erik Psychological Suspense ©2018 Bookouture Original Paperback $10.99 (USD) 230 Pages ISBN-13:  978-1-78681-9 In your experience, how many times have you acted on impulse against your better judgment? You probably don’t have an answer to that, and if you did you wouldn’t say. An even more uncomfortable question might be, How many times have you acted on impulse because of an intense emotional void? I want to be careful not to share too much, but Erik Therme has written a modern classic suspense novel that explores the ways we — any of us — react when … Continue reading Keep Her Close by Erik Therme (Book Review)

Room by Emma Donoghue (Review)

Room By Emma Donoghue Mass Market Paperback ISBN: 978-0316268356 © 2010 $7.99 USD Also Available in Trade Paper and E-Book Editions Some highly educated people claim that literature isn’t published anymore.  My father used to say that. Room, the 2010 novel by Emma Donoghue, is one of the exceptions to that rule. You might recall a California kidnap victim named Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was missing for eighteen years before being freed in 2009.  She had two children by then, both fathered by her kidnapper. There is no indication that Room is based on that crime.  The novel must have taken more than … Continue reading Room by Emma Donoghue (Review)

Writers Will Understand

I didn’t post on the blog yesterday.  No, that doesn’t mean I took the day off from writing. I write different things, and publish on different platforms.  None are lucrative, but most offer the satisfaction of telling the world, “I’m not invisible.” By the way, saying to the world “I’m not invisible” is easy when you’re in my situation.  I can yell it as loudly as I want, and rarely suffer repercussions because the world isn’t listening. It’s painful when there’s something important to say, though.  It isn’t always about me.  Sometimes it’s about other people who are treated as … Continue reading Writers Will Understand

The Exhausted Writer

Recently, I began a fiction writing binge.  I don’t recall the date it started, but it probably took a few weeks to complete the approximately 28,800 word novella which is now available on Kindle. I’m happy with this book, although the original choice for the cover design couldn’t be used.  The beautiful picture of the clock in Grand Central Terminal’s Concourse is low-resolution, and wouldn’t have worked well as an electronic book cover.  I took that photo earlier this year, hoping there’d be an excuse to use it on a self-published book.  It was a noble effort that failed.  And, … Continue reading The Exhausted Writer