Careful With Public Shaming. That Means Don’t.

This morning, I saw a political post on Facebook that I was tempted to share. It was a photograph, allegedly taken in the past few days.  It showed a group of white people partying on a public sidewalk in Manhattan, mask-free and not observing COVID-19 social distancing rules.  The text in the post was credited to a man who identified himself as black, and he was pointing out that a crowd of white people didn’t have the same worries about being confronted by the police that he and his friends would have if they did the same thing. I really … Continue reading Careful With Public Shaming. That Means Don’t.

Online Precautions for Veterans

This morning I found a post on AARP’s website warning veterans that they’re being targeted by fake social media accounts. Please click the link below to read Aaron Kassraie’s article.  Then share his article on Facebook. Continue reading Online Precautions for Veterans

Should the Human Condition go High Tech?

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional.  This post shares observations which I have made solely on a personal level. Everything is automated now.  Often, we don’t even touch the sink faucet in a public restroom before washing our hands. Sensors on water faucets can help us avoid picking up additional microbes when we want our hands clean.  However, if you’ve ever soaped up your hands and then found it impossible to rinse them because the sensor on the tap has fallen asleep, you know modern technology isn’t always the answer. At the end of this post, please click … Continue reading Should the Human Condition go High Tech?

Caution on Social Media

Earlier this week, I altered a blog post after going into a panic.  Well, it wasn’t exactly a panic, but it occurred to me there was an outside chance I could lose my public Facebook page if a small technicality wasn’t cleared up.  The post was shared on Facebook. Needless to say, the Facebook share was deleted first, and then the blog post was toned down appropriately before being shared again. At the end of the February 12 post, The Case of the Purloined Bathmat, you may have seen a link to a music video.  If you read the post when it … Continue reading Caution on Social Media

Robert Reich’s Observation

Today, scholar and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich will be filling in for me. Okay, I didn’t ask him to do that, and he didn’t offer.  In fact, it’s unlikely he even knows who I am.  So, officially he isn’t filling in. Dr. Reich (Facebook username @RBReich) has posted something on Facebook which is so good I can’t produce anything close to it.  So, I hope he won’t mind if I “borrow” three screenshots to share the post in its entirety.  He included a link to a Breitbart News story, so the link will also appear on this page for anyone … Continue reading Robert Reich’s Observation