Hypocrisy Can Get so Weird

(This post appears in slightly different form on Helen’s Facebook page.) The username and avatar on this Twitter account have been erased from the screenshots because I don’t want to harass anyone personally. However, in case you’ve been oblivious to reactionary politics in the United States, take a look at the number of “likes” the post about Roy Moore has received. By all indications, the account holder isn’t a public figure, although he has the right hypocrisy to make it in the Trump Administration. Click each image (at the bottom of this post) to view it more clearly. You may … Continue reading Hypocrisy Can Get so Weird

Pulse Club Shooting

We’re still waiting for news updates on the tragedy in Orlando, Florida.  However, it appears one person used an assault rifle to open fire on the Saturday night crowd in a gay club. The person committing the shooting is thought to be a religious extremist.  The word “Muslim” is likely to be played up in the news, but the truth is any type of extreme thinking will interfere with reasoning and suppress a person’s empathy.  All extremism is dangerous because it prompts people to act on impulse.  It can take over everything inside a person’s head. Donald Trump has gone … Continue reading Pulse Club Shooting