The N.Y. Times Editorial Board Doesn’t Like Trump’s Shutdown. Neither do Most People.

Please take a look at the opinion piece posted online today by the New York Times Editorial Board.  I don’t know whether it’s in the print edition.  A link appears below. The current federal shutdown is affecting individuals who must rely on the system being open for business.  Some people are working while their paychecks are delayed, and others are furloughed. Not every person who is affected is a government employee.  Some are contractors, and others are members of the general public who need services on the federal level.  Many are merchants and restaurant operators who rely on transactions with government workers. … Continue reading The N.Y. Times Editorial Board Doesn’t Like Trump’s Shutdown. Neither do Most People.

Too Many Americans Have Short Memories

During the time Donald Trump has been President, some people have suggested that George W. Bush’s Presidency wasn’t all that bad.  Most recently, the public found it endearing when he handed Michelle Obama a piece of candy. How many people remember the stolen 2000 Election, the oafish, graceless behavior after the September 11 tragedy, the lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, the torture of Muslims, etc? If you’re impressed by a piece of candy and W.’s negative statements about Trump, either you were born very recently or you forgot all about some major events that still affect … Continue reading Too Many Americans Have Short Memories

Accounts get Hacked. Don’t be too Quick to React to Offensive Posts

My blogsite was hacked, once.  Fortunately, I was signing in often to look at tracking data, so I discovered the problem immediately (my password had stopped working) and recovered the account on the same day.  I don’t believe any harm was done. Always use an obscure password which you don’t use on other accounts.  Ideally, every online password should be like a single fingerprint.  The advice on how often to change a password varies. The mistake I made was using a foreign word (with a correct diacritical mark, which seemed so clever at the time), followed by a predictable series … Continue reading Accounts get Hacked. Don’t be too Quick to React to Offensive Posts

Not Understanding Suicide

(Disclosure:  I am not a mental health professional.  The claims made in this post are based on personal experience and common observations.) The public reactions to reports of Anthony Bourdain’s death have been, for the most part, respectful.  They should be.  People who weren’t acquainted with him should note only his professional accomplishments and other things he allowed into the public record.  Appreciate what he shared, and respect boundaries so we aren’t debating things Mr. Bourdain didn’t share. I’m guessing that most public figures who end their own lives don’t want their actions interpreted as endorsements of suicide.  It’s hard … Continue reading Not Understanding Suicide

Listen to Pat Kiernan, and Then Make up Your Mind

I promise this will be the last thing I post today — unless I think of something else.  Whatever. NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan has presented a strong argument in favor of not repeating the derogatory term used this past week by Donald Trump in referring to the African Continent and Haiti — as well as immigrants from those regions. By now, we’ve already heard the term.  At first, there was a good reason for news outlets to set aside the prohibition on the word shit, to make it clear how blatant the President (sic) had been in denigrating other countries and cultures.  … Continue reading Listen to Pat Kiernan, and Then Make up Your Mind

Smartypants Ethics and the No Troll Rule

Many people are so frustrated with the Trump Administration they’ve resorted to posting dark humor at the president’s (sic) expense on social media.  Most of the humor isn’t creepy enough to warrant a visit from the authorities, but even then there are standards to observe.  Those standards have nothing to do with the way we feel about Donald Trump or anyone else.  They’re just unwritten rules making it clear that good people take care not to cause harm, and that conflicts are best handled when acting on experience, not emotion. Yesterday, I used Windows 10 tools to alter screenshots of two … Continue reading Smartypants Ethics and the No Troll Rule