Always Dignified (Ironic Statement of the Day)

If any Americans are still excited that the United States is a superpower — and it’s a sure thing some of us still feel proud of that — just remember that our tabloid-grade spectacles are even more conspicuous than the scandals in other countries. The world is watching. Warning: The post in this link contains explicit language.  You are familiar with the four letter T word, aren’t you? Continue reading Always Dignified (Ironic Statement of the Day)

Random, Worthless Thoughts

Late yesterday afternoon, I got crazy and decided to withdraw twenty dollars from my checking account. It was okay.  The account still has enough to pay the remaining bills. My bank has locked booths for nearly every ATM it controls.  That can be reassuring, and I choose to feel assured there’s a ventilation system for keeping the air fresh. I’m not a smoker, so it isn’t always easy to distinguish between odors caused by cigars and pipes.  Conventional wisdom states that cigars are worse, but without firsthand experience I can’t say. I can identify cigarette tobacco and marijuana.  They’re both gross, … Continue reading Random, Worthless Thoughts