The College Admissions Scandal Might not be the Result of Concerned Parenting

Once, I heard an advert on the radio that was a little too obvious.  The person speaking was advising parents to bring their children to an audition for some TV or movie thing, to help your children fulfill their dreams (wording not exact). It sounded to me as if stage parents were being encouraged to put their kids on public display, as well as to lie about their own intentions.  Dreams of an Oscar or Emmy were going through the heads of many parents, while some of those kids must have been thinking, This is so embarrassing.  If they pick me, my … Continue reading The College Admissions Scandal Might not be the Result of Concerned Parenting

Humanists Address Bullying

The website has an interesting online conversation (part of it in the comment section) on bullying among young children. This is an especially delicate topic for me personally, and I was careful not to get too emotional in my replies.  So, be warned that I held back some serious stuff that’s bursting out now. It should be noted that both of my parents are deceased, and I have ambivalent feelings about describing their past behavior.  Still, what happened, happened. I was bullied when I was a child, and the onset of it was especially bizarre.  For the first two … Continue reading Humanists Address Bullying

Courage Vs. Following Orders

When I was in school, I didn’t have courageous teachers.  They went whichever way the political wind blew, and to hell with their students. The above statement is a generalization, and now I’m thinking there may have been two or more who would have confronted their superiors if the circumstances were right.  They might have actually done it, too, even if I didn’t hear about it. Deyshia Hargrave, an English teacher in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, said apparently reasonable things that caused offense to powerful people at a School Board meeting on Monday night, and she was ordered to leave.  A … Continue reading Courage Vs. Following Orders