Just so ya Know

My 2015 novella, Petra, is available free of charge on Kindle today and tomorrow.  The price returns to 99 cents (USD) after 11:59 p.m. (PDT) Monday, March 12. You don’t need a Kindle device to read the e-books available through Amazon’s site.  A free Kindle app is compatible with most electronic devices. I’ve self-published several e-books since this one, and exert effort to promote each book the way all low-profile authors make the effort.  I’m grateful for the internet, which makes self-publishing and promotion easier than they used to be. A link appears at the end of this post.  The … Continue reading Just so ya Know

Writers Will Understand

I didn’t post on the blog yesterday.  No, that doesn’t mean I took the day off from writing. I write different things, and publish on different platforms.  None are lucrative, but most offer the satisfaction of telling the world, “I’m not invisible.” By the way, saying to the world “I’m not invisible” is easy when you’re in my situation.  I can yell it as loudly as I want, and rarely suffer repercussions because the world isn’t listening. It’s painful when there’s something important to say, though.  It isn’t always about me.  Sometimes it’s about other people who are treated as … Continue reading Writers Will Understand

The Exhausted Writer

Recently, I began a fiction writing binge.  I don’t recall the date it started, but it probably took a few weeks to complete the approximately 28,800 word novella which is now available on Kindle. I’m happy with this book, although the original choice for the cover design couldn’t be used.  The beautiful picture of the clock in Grand Central Terminal’s Concourse is low-resolution, and wouldn’t have worked well as an electronic book cover.  I took that photo earlier this year, hoping there’d be an excuse to use it on a self-published book.  It was a noble effort that failed.  And, … Continue reading The Exhausted Writer

Too Soon?

Earlier this month, I had a miniature “nervous breakdown” (an outdated term, but calling it a psychotic break would be a gross exaggeration). I was semi-functional, and actually wrote more than usual.  I just wasn’t that good about putting the writing on paper or into the computer. One aspect of the writing went at least as well as when I’m healthy, though.  It found its way onto Kindle within one week, too, even if you count the days when the alleged writing was limited to staring at the ceiling over my bed and letting my imagination take charge.  The typing … Continue reading Too Soon?