Another Random Thought

I spent part of the weekend housecleaning.  I also plugged up the bathroom sink drain while rinsing grime off of cleaning cloths. Fortunately, baking soda and vinegar cleared the drain. We each have our own definition of the word “clean,” and that definition may change when we’re expecting company.  In my case, the definition didn’t change one bit.  I had just allowed the window blinds, baseboards and a few other things to go too long without maintenance, and decided something had to be done. Last night a weird dream proved reassuring, but it was reassuring only as long as the … Continue reading Another Random Thought

Do Dreams Mean Anything?

Some of us remember our dreams when we wake up, and we have heard what others say about those dreams.  However, like the Moody Blues, we decide… You get the idea.  A therapist or an enthusiastic acquaintance will try to interpret, but there’s no guarantee that person’s conclusion will be any more accurate than yours. Last night I dreamt I was watching a graffitist do his thing — with a manual typewriter.  I think it was an old Underwood.  He was actually tapping away on the keys, and his message was appearing on a wall. The images kept changing, though. … Continue reading Do Dreams Mean Anything?