When Warning Signs Do No Good

This post was revised on November 7, 2017. Links to two New York Times articles appear at the end of this post. Whether your reaction to Sunday’s mass shooting in Texas is sadness, anger or something else, maybe we can all agree on one thing:  Devin Kelley shouldn’t have been running loose — and there was just cause to keep him in some sort of controlled environment before he committed this unspeakable act. We hear about overcrowded prisons.  How many of those inmates pose a real threat?  Devin Kelley’s history confirms that he posed a threat, and on Sunday he was free … Continue reading When Warning Signs Do No Good

This Tragedy May be More Common Than We Think

At the end of this post, please click the link to an online article about a pet who was abandoned at an airport in Nevada. We may never know how many humans’ and animals’ lives are damaged or destroyed by violence in the home.  However, every now and then we’re reminded that these things happen. Please don’t express hostility toward the person who left her dog in the restroom at McCarren Airport.  She didn’t have options, and her little angel has found plenty of people who want to help.  Chewy will find a good home, and I hope he knows his human mother … Continue reading This Tragedy May be More Common Than We Think

Rupert Murdoch’s Attempt at Damage Reduction

Bill O’Reilly is officially out at Fox News.  He’s expected to be replaced by Tucker Carlson. The firing of one asshat should not be interpreted as a change in the work climate at Fox News.  Currently, the station’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, is attempting to buy the U.K. media outlet Sky News.  Mr. Murdoch has concerns about his own shoddy credibility, and he has reason to believe he’ll encounter less resistance to expanding his empire if he takes a stand against Mr. O’Reilly’s behavior with women. This week, Rupert Murdoch can call himself a reformer, and his supporters will believe him.  So will a few … Continue reading Rupert Murdoch’s Attempt at Damage Reduction

Statement By Naghmeh Adedini Doesn’t Belong On CNN

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements made in this post are based on personal observations which I share with many people. We should feel grateful anytime a U.S. citizen is released from an Iranian prison. That first sentence may seem like a no-brainer, but in the case of one of the prisoners released last week it’s necessary for maintaining perspective. Naghmeh Adedini, the wife of one of the former prisoners, Saeed Adedini, has gone public with disturbing information.  It’s delicate, and some media outlets are too tempted by a shocking story to think of the consequences … Continue reading Statement By Naghmeh Adedini Doesn’t Belong On CNN

San Francisco Sheriff’s Race

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi will be up for re-election on November 3, with two other candidates running for the same office.  Many voters are uncomfortable with Mirkarimi because of scandals involving the Sheriff’s Department and an incident in Mirkarimi’s home shortly before he was sworn into office. It’s impossible to know whether any of the Sheriff Department scandals on Mirkarimi’s watch — including the death of Lynn Spaulding after she went missing at S.F. General Hospital — could have been averted if a different candidate had been elected Sheriff a few years ago. A moral argument can be made … Continue reading San Francisco Sheriff’s Race