Excellent Edward R. Murrow Documentary

If you’d like to see a balanced overview of the life of a first rate journalist, I recommend the 1997 documentary Edward R. Murrow: Voice Of America. This fifty minute long piece was produced as an installment for the Biography television series, now available on DVD. I’m a bit exhausted today, so here’s a link to information on Film & History’s site. http://www.uwosh.edu/filmandhistory/documentary/americanhistory1/murrow.php Continue reading Excellent Edward R. Murrow Documentary

Unique Art Documentary

Rene Magritte (Belgian painter, 1898-1967) was once quoted as saying there was no deep meaning behind his paintings.  He said the only thing behind his paintings was a wall. The 1999 documentary Magritte: An Attempt At The Impossible challenges that modest statement.  The production offers interviews with the artist as well as theories on the history and influences behind his work.  In the fifty-five minute running time, the viewer becomes not only better informed but more curious about Magritte’s work and life. The documentary is beautifully photographed, with embellishments that suit the artist’s work well.  When describing Magritte’s erotic work, nude models … Continue reading Unique Art Documentary