The New Tenants (2009)

Last night, while doing online research — or farting around on the computer, depending on your vantage point — I found a listing for an excellent live action short film.  I paid a small fee to buy the movie, and downloaded it onto a device. The running time of The New Tenants is about twenty-one minutes, and the basic information is included in the link below. Note:  Buying or renting the movie is recommended if you plan to watch it.  Although it’s possible to watch many videos for free, indie filmmakers generally don’t turn a big profit on their work.  We can show … Continue reading The New Tenants (2009)

Humor Needs Horror Or It Isn’t Interesting

The title of this blog post is no joke.  Can you remember ever laughing at something cute, sweet and charming that was genuinely interesting? Well, maybe you can.  If so, it was the exception and not the rule. David Rakoff and Dave Hill understood that well.  Their chemistry was perfect, partly because they got it. R.I.P. David Rakoff. Dave Hill, you have continued to make us laugh.  You’ll never duplicate the work you did with Mr. Rakoff, but that’s okay.  You’re an original, too. Continue reading Humor Needs Horror Or It Isn’t Interesting

Book Review: Half Empty by David Rakoff

  Half Empty by Rakoff, David Anchor Books Paperback (an imprint of Doubleday, which published the original hardcover edition), 224 Pages Copyright 2010 ISBN-13:  978-0767929059 $14.95 Wisdom and a talent for humor should always be appreciated.  Half Empty, the last collection of essays published during David’s Rakoff’s lifetime, is a beautiful example of life experience, calm perspective and comic relief. The ten essays in this book cover separate topics, but all address one type of absurdity or another (Note:  There are different definitions of the word “Absurd,” and the author was aware of this.  Humor is not always emphasized because not … Continue reading Book Review: Half Empty by David Rakoff