Parking the Moose by Dave Hill (Review)

Parking the Moose By Hill, Dave Humorous Essays Hardcover, $29.95 (CAN) $24.00 (USD) Doubleday Canada Published September 2019 Most of us have given some thought to our ancestry, and we think of how differently we’d be living if something hadn’t changed direction before our births.  Personally, I wonder how I would be conducting my life if my maternal grandmother hadn’t left Utah when she was young and stopped practicing the local religion. Actually, I wouldn’t even be here if my maternal grandmother had stayed in Utah.  She married a gentile she met in San Francisco, so with genes being what … Continue reading Parking the Moose by Dave Hill (Review)

When Hotels Disappoint

Please don’t accuse Dave Hill — or me — of overstating the crisis. Rest assured, we’re all strong enough to handle this.  Perspective is absolutely essential, though. Regardless of how bad this gets, remember that the heroes who help us navigate the confusion and disillusionment of travel are not to blame.  Policy decisions are made by cowards who never show their faces in the hallways, guest elevators or restaurants of hotels. The employees we see during our stay are suffering as much as the rest of us.  Some of them may be suffering more, if a guest causes damage or … Continue reading When Hotels Disappoint

Not Suitable For Work (NSFW)

I’m posting this on the weekend, so most of you should be able to watch the accompanying video.  Be discreet, though.  If you enjoy it, take a look at some of the other material uploaded to YouTube with the username ExplosiveIndustries.  It’s Dave Hill’s account, and he has worked with some of the best: Dick Cavett, David Rakoff and a couple of Chihuahuas. If you’re really, really impressed, try listening to Dave’s radio talk show.  It’s on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on WFMU in Jersey City, NJ.  The station has an online stream at   Continue reading Not Suitable For Work (NSFW)

Dave Hill on Instagram

How can one man — even a man of greatness — be in more than one place at one time? Dave Hill: Writer, Comedian, Actor, Radio Host and Heavy Metal Guitarist.  Today I learned that his alter ego is Ned from Accounting.  He moonlights as my favorite Instagram user.  If you’re on Instagram, you might consider following him. By the way, Dave is also on Twitter.  @mrdavehill Continue reading Dave Hill on Instagram

A For Effort?

I’d like to master a particular type of absurd humor on Twitter. You’ve probably read one-liners from Twitter users claiming to quote unintended humor overheard in public places.  When the material is hilarious for reasons you can’t pinpoint, you know it’s good. My favorite living comedian, Dave Hill (@mrdavehill on Twitter), has mastered the art of the absurd quote.  Every now and then he’ll post from an airport, an Amtrak train or some other place where people have serious conversations on their cell phones, and repeat uproarious shit he claims to have overheard.  At least he says he’s at the airport or … Continue reading A For Effort?

Out of Fabric? You Can Still Make a Privacy Curtain, if You’re Creative

Dave Hill posted on Facebook this morning, and after communicating with him on social media (and reading his books, watching his videos and listening to his radio show) for a long time I’m still not sure what to think. It isn’t possible to use the Helen Christie public Facebook page to comment on others’ posts, so I used my private account.  The real name on my personal Facebook account is erased from the screenshot (see below) for privacy. Such nonsense. Anyone who wants to know my real name can find it during an internet search, but nobody cares to look. … Continue reading Out of Fabric? You Can Still Make a Privacy Curtain, if You’re Creative

This Book Isn’t Getting The Love it Deserves

In May of last year, Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Dave Hill’s memoir and humorous essay collection, was published in hardcover by Penguin Random House. I wrote a positive review on this blogsite, and Dave (with whom I’m acquainted only on social media, not in person) went on the recommended author tour. One year later, there’s no paperback edition and no date for an upcoming paperback release.  Although everything I hear about the book is positive, it looks as if word isn’t reaching enough readers. If you appreciate serious/humorous/perceptive/metaphorical/touching life analysis, you can’t miss Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.  If you … Continue reading This Book Isn’t Getting The Love it Deserves

Something Sinister Is Going On. I Just Know It!

Disclaimer:  This post appeared in a slightly different form on Facebook yesterday. Dave Hill’s weekly radio show, The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, airs on Jersey City station WFMU Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.  It has a running time of three hours, so if you’re in the Eastern U.S. and it’s a work night, uh, move to California. Two nights ago Dave was eating Pumpkin Spice Oreos while on the air. There was skepticism on the part of listeners whether he was actually in the WFMU studio or in contact by telephone from NYC, due to a personal appearance in the city … Continue reading Something Sinister Is Going On. I Just Know It!