This is why News Sites no Longer Have Comment Sections

Okay, some online news sites still have comment sections.  Many do not, though, due to the troll thing.  Those sites’ administrators had to do something. Social media continues to be a resource for disrespectful people who want to vent, though.  It’s a safety net for people who can’t get through the day without saying things they might be reluctant to utter if their mothers were in the room. Below is a screenshot of a Twitter interaction from this morning.  I had retweeted something outrageous by a MAGA person, and included my own comment (visible in the screenshot below) before retweeting … Continue reading This is why News Sites no Longer Have Comment Sections

Guess Who’s Calling Himself a Victim Now?

I’m imagining this subway groper refusing to get out of bed and whining that women are so mean.  He’s chewing on the corner of his pillow and complaining that the pillow is getting icky. We don’t know the name of this man because he escaped before the police arrived.  He knows his name, though.  He just can’t quite put it together in his head well enough to realize what a fart he is. No, that isn’t speculation on my part.  If you’ve known enough people like him, you find them predictable. The woman he assaulted took a risk, but if … Continue reading Guess Who’s Calling Himself a Victim Now?

Hitting Back a Bully Can Be Risky

A link to a New York Daily News article appears at the end of this post. The school where this altercation occurred is located in Franklin, Indiana.  Although the arrest of the child is videotaped, there’s no real proof of what happened before that.  Two different accounts are shared. I attended public and private schools during the 1960s and 70s, and saw a pattern which I don’t believe has changed.  Students are told in advance by teachers and administrators, “If someone hurts you, don’t hit back.  Tell the teacher.”  Then, when there’s a report of an incident, the teacher or administrator says … Continue reading Hitting Back a Bully Can Be Risky

Empathy is Worth the Effort

(Note: I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on personal observation and experience.) Most of us — if we are decent in the first place, and we haven’t become jaded — were horrified to hear about Monday night’s attack in Manchester.  The target was a concert venue which attracted young pop music fans. This morning I found a friend’s post on Facebook, expressing his personal reaction to the tragedy.  I typed a comment suggesting Dante should have created a Circle of Hell for terrorists who target young people. I hope my friend … Continue reading Empathy is Worth the Effort