Online Precautions for Veterans

This morning I found a post on AARP’s website warning veterans that they’re being targeted by fake social media accounts. Please click the link below to read Aaron Kassraie’s article.  Then share his article on Facebook. Continue reading Online Precautions for Veterans

Protecting Your Identity on the “Dark Web”

The September 2018 issue of AARP Bulletin has an important cover story by Doug Shadel and Neil Wertheimer on how identity theft often works.  It includes advice on how the general public can make themselves less vulnerable. Please click the link to read the story.  There is no pay wall. Continue reading Protecting Your Identity on the “Dark Web”

Thefts From Mailboxes

At the end of this post, please find a link to a DNA Info article about a common and harmful crime:  Checks being stolen from blue sidewalk mailboxes. Although the thefts documented in the article were committed in one section of Manhattan, it’s a national problem. Unfortunately, many people can’t avoid using an outdoor mailbox on the rare occasions when they still send something through the U.S.P.S.  If nothing else, try to deposit mail before the last collection time.  Then, it shouldn’t sit there overnight.  If you believe a check or other delicate item has disappeared in transit, contact your bank … Continue reading Thefts From Mailboxes

Online Marketplace Precautions

The holiday shopping season is a busy time for scammers, including those who sell merchandise online which consumers never receive. It happens year-round, but consumers are most vulnerable now. They’re overwhelmed, so they’re more likely to miss warning signs. Scenario:  A child asks for a trendy toy, and Grandma can’t buy it directly from established retailers because the toy sells too fast.  So, she takes a chance.  She buys it through a reputable site, but the actual seller is a contractor who has signed up very recently with the site.  The toy might be bargain-priced. After the toy is ordered, … Continue reading Online Marketplace Precautions