Scam Phone Calls

It isn’t easy to be streetwise when someone is messing with your head.  However, you’d better make the effort when someone calls you on the phone and suggests you’ll need to pay him/her money to handle an emergency. Please click the link below to read a CNBC article on MSN’s site. Continue reading Scam Phone Calls

New Robo Calls

The title of this blog post is a no brainer.  There are new recorded, mass telephone calls all the time.  Some are campaign-type messages, some are marketing and some are meant to get as much of your money as possible sent to a place where you’ll never recover it. Phone scams are often designed to cause you to panic, so your critical thinking skills go on the back burner.  The caller — live or recorded — will suggest you’re in trouble, and then provide instructions to help you get out of trouble.  In the United States, a popular racket involves … Continue reading New Robo Calls

Exploiting the Bereaved

If you’ve ever received an odd telephone call shortly after a loved one’s passing, you may have heard from a con artist who takes advantage of people who are in mourning. Please take a look at Sid Kirchheimer’s article in the current (March) issue of AARP Bulletin.  He describes some of the common tactics used by dishonest people to exploit a person’s death, and offers advice on how to avoid being taken advantage of if your family is targeted that way: Continue reading Exploiting the Bereaved