Wear a Mask

Earlier this week, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order for all persons (with some exceptions) in the state to wear masks.  I don’t know all of the details, but since I wear a mask every time I step outside of my apartment I figure I’m in compliance.  It always covers my nose and mouth. I live in San Francisco, and I went out for groceries today.  Approximately half of the people I saw either were wearing no masks or wearing them improperly. A mask marketed to the general public is intended to protect others.  Although the level of protection … Continue reading Wear a Mask

I Haven’t Traveled Outside the U.S. and Can’t Verify, but This Looks so Nice

Many Americans think of the United Kingdom — England in particular — as a classy place where there are no lapses in etiquette.  Many Americans also think of that neck of the woods as full of educated people, all of whom graduated from Cambridge or Oxford. A British accent of any type sounds more sophisticated to us than our own ways of speaking.  Obviously, I don’t hear my own California accent, but I’ve been uncomfortable with it since the early 1990s, when I saw the Al Pacino film Scent of a Woman.  You might recall the central character’s crass reference … Continue reading I Haven’t Traveled Outside the U.S. and Can’t Verify, but This Looks so Nice

Be Considerate With the Cabin Crew

(At the end of this post, please find a link to an MSN article explaining why serving Diet Coke can test the patience of flight attendants.) Ordering a Diet Coke is the WORST thing you can do to your flight attendant? That may be an overstatement. Okay, in the article the point is well taken. I fly on Jet Blue, where we’re just handed cans and cups with ice. Most of the time, passengers walk to the back of the plane to pick up our snacks and beverages. So, I’ll stay guilt-free on this issue. However, I can recall feeling like kind … Continue reading Be Considerate With the Cabin Crew

This Is Only A Test.

The heading on this post is pretty self-explanatory.  Last week, a rescue training exercise was held over Manhattan, to prepare for the incoming President’s security needs.  A link to a DNA Info report appears at the end of this post. All over the country, we’re told to “Be vigilant, but don’t panic.”  Only a person with a calm temperament can heed that advice when the military conducts a rescue exercise overhead without proper notice. People who were in San Francisco in the fall of 1984 can identify, although we didn’t have memories of a September 11-type tragedy to escalate the fear.  A … Continue reading This Is Only A Test.

Common Courtesy. Or Is It Basic Responsibility? Could Be Both.

Presently, I’m reading a library book.  You don’t have to know the title. It isn’t a terribly enlightening book, but I’ve learned one thing: A previous reader likes to eat while reading. It isn’t a children’s book.  The culprit was likely old enough to know better. When you borrow any book, be ready to take more precautions than you would with a damaged paperback you buy at a garage sale. Whether or not the next reader knows who you are, your treatment of that book reflects on your respect for others. This rule applies to anything you borrow, but you … Continue reading Common Courtesy. Or Is It Basic Responsibility? Could Be Both.