Do Not Steal This Book. But do Consider Reading it.

There may be some flaws with Michael Wolff’s new account of the Trump presidency, Fire and Fury.  However, his book — to be released Friday, four days earlier than expected — has been the subject of threats made by Donald Trump’s attorneys. Not every book that is challenged by lawyers is worth reading, and I can’t guarantee that this book will enlighten everyone (I don’t receive review copies).  However, our president (sic) has declared war on the country, and we should offer loyalty to anyone who suffers retaliation when challenging Donald J. Trump.  For that reason alone, let’s make this book … Continue reading Do Not Steal This Book. But do Consider Reading it.

Trump’s Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say at the CDC

No, this isn’t a George Carlin joke.  Here are the words (and phrases), in alphabetical order: Diversity Entitlement Evidence-Based Fetus Science-Based Transgender Vulnerable In case you haven’t yet read about Our Fearless Leader’s change in the public health vernacular, please click the link to this Washington Post news report: Continue reading Trump’s Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say at the CDC

Don’t Steal Any Books, No Matter What Abbie Said. But Do Read Some of Them

If you were around in 1978, you may have heard something about Donald Duck comic books being banned in Finland. I don’t know if they’re still banned. I learned of this milestone when The San Francisco Chronicle printed a short article about it.  The Tomorrow Show on NBC also had a minor feature, with Tom Snyder reading aloud a news story about the Finnish government’s reasoning in protecting the public from Donald’s unscrupulous behavior. The NBC set used for The Tomorrow Show was inordinately quiet compared to the set for The Tonite Show, which aired immediately before.  Tom Snyder had no studio audience and no musicians.  I remember the … Continue reading Don’t Steal Any Books, No Matter What Abbie Said. But Do Read Some of Them

Caution on Social Media

Earlier this week, I altered a blog post after going into a panic.  Well, it wasn’t exactly a panic, but it occurred to me there was an outside chance I could lose my public Facebook page if a small technicality wasn’t cleared up.  The post was shared on Facebook. Needless to say, the Facebook share was deleted first, and then the blog post was toned down appropriately before being shared again. At the end of the February 12 post, The Case of the Purloined Bathmat, you may have seen a link to a music video.  If you read the post when it … Continue reading Caution on Social Media

Read Them Before They’re Banned

Fewer than two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have shaken up everyone who has good judgment and a basic sense of decency. True, that isn’t everyone.  David Duke is thrilled, but a lot of us aren’t. Many of us have found an outlet, though.  We can register protests, either in person or through some other means. Book lovers have an immediate reaction.  We look for any fiction or nonfiction relevant to the Fascist crap we see coming from the White House. Some recommended titles are The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt, It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray … Continue reading Read Them Before They’re Banned

The Day They Came to Arrest the Book (Review)

The Day They Came to Arrest the Book By Hentoff, Nat Copyright 1982 Young Adult Fiction Published by Laurel Leaf Books $6.99 Paperback ISBN: 0-440-91814-6 (Cover Image Unavailable) I was saddened to read about the passing of Nat Hentoff, the former Village Voice columnist who was noted for being controversial with everyone, including the liberals who usually agreed with him. I knew Mr. Hentoff had written one novel because I’d seen a paperback copy of it.  It was a jazz-themed mystery.  I didn’t know he had written other fiction, though. The Day They Came to Arrest the Book is a Young Adult modern … Continue reading The Day They Came to Arrest the Book (Review)