Fun With Smartphone Apps

Yesterday I wandered through the Castro District in San Francisco, taking photos and recording videos with the tourists.  It may have been a warm-up to going on vacation someday, although presently no vacation is planned. By the way, if you’re in the area on Wednesday (Sept. 7), you may want to catch a viewing of Sunset Boulevard.  The Castro Theater is located on the 400 block.  I’ll include a screenshot of the schedule. The embedded media is a Vine video, recorded during a strong wind. The theater wasn’t moving.  I just couldn’t hold the darned camera still. Continue reading Fun With Smartphone Apps

Solidarity After Tragedy

Here’s a link to a partial list of people fatally shot during the Pulse attack.  The list will be updated later: Last night a candlelight vigil was held in San Francisco’s Castro District, to remember the people who died in the attack at Pulse in Orlando. A small number of people in the crowd gave the impression they were there just to party.  Grinning people were taking selfies, and someone who was drunk accidentally slammed into me and nearly knocked the lighted candle out of my hand.  I won’t dismiss all of them as jerks.  Some may have socially … Continue reading Solidarity After Tragedy

Another Sidewalk Disruption In The Castro

I won’t try to recall how many months the residents, merchants and visitors in the Castro neighborhood were expected to be patient with noise, dust and general chaos while construction workers widened the sidewalks and installed bronze plaques honoring LGBT persons in history. During that time, a Twitter pal of mine in Brazil posted photos from his visit to the Bay Area.  The pictures in the Castro showed him posing next to open trenches and orange barricades. The noise, dust and general chaos have resumed, albeit on a smaller scale.  This time it’s a different project under those new sidewalks, … Continue reading Another Sidewalk Disruption In The Castro