Parking the Moose by Dave Hill (Review)

Parking the Moose By Hill, Dave Humorous Essays Hardcover, $29.95 (CAN) $24.00 (USD) Doubleday Canada Published September 2019 Most of us have given some thought to our ancestry, and we think of how differently we’d be living if something hadn’t changed direction before our births.  Personally, I wonder how I would be conducting my life if my maternal grandmother hadn’t left Utah when she was young and stopped practicing the local religion. Actually, I wouldn’t even be here if my maternal grandmother had stayed in Utah.  She married a gentile she met in San Francisco, so with genes being what … Continue reading Parking the Moose by Dave Hill (Review)

Workplace Sexual Harassment

There’s an excellent opinion piece in the Oct. 20 New York Times.  A link appears at the end of this post. In 1981, my mother did clerical work in a community college department which counseled students on career choices.  The college offered job-training classes, including auto mechanics.  The classes were all co-ed. There was a problem with male students harassing the one woman in the auto mechanics class.  The female student had reported the abuse to her instructor, and he responded with conventional “wisdom.”  He told her to get used to it or give up on the possibility of working … Continue reading Workplace Sexual Harassment