Jonathan Martin on Michael Wolff’s Book

Jonathan Martin, Political Correspondent for The New York Times, has offered fact-checking and observations for anyone reading Michael Wolff’s Trump book, Fire and Fury (see link below). On Friday, I tried to buy a hardcover copy from an indie bookseller in my neighborhood and learned every copy in the store was either sold or on reserve.  I fell back on Kindle’s electronic edition, and hoped to find time to read it during the weekend. No such luck.  I’ll still read the book, but will do so carefully.  Jonathan Martin’s review provides guidance on why critical thinking is more important than absorbing claims … Continue reading Jonathan Martin on Michael Wolff’s Book

On Second Thought, Michael Wolff’s Book May Not be Worth Reading After All

Update:  A few minutes ago, I received a reply on Twitter from Virginia Heffernan, whose opinion piece is available through a link at the end of this post.  I may have oversimplified her comments on Fire and Fury, and in fairness here’s a screenshot of her reply:   Yesterday, I posted a recommendation that we read Michael Wolff’s new book about Donald Trump, Fire and Fury.  I made the recommendation because Trump’s lawyers had tried to intimidate the author, not because of great confidence in the book, which I admittedly haven’t read. Okay, Michael Wolff is a confirmed asshole.  Still, people … Continue reading On Second Thought, Michael Wolff’s Book May Not be Worth Reading After All

This Book Isn’t Getting The Love it Deserves

In May of last year, Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Dave Hill’s memoir and humorous essay collection, was published in hardcover by Penguin Random House. I wrote a positive review on this blogsite, and Dave (with whom I’m acquainted only on social media, not in person) went on the recommended author tour. One year later, there’s no paperback edition and no date for an upcoming paperback release.  Although everything I hear about the book is positive, it looks as if word isn’t reaching enough readers. If you appreciate serious/humorous/perceptive/metaphorical/touching life analysis, you can’t miss Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.  If you … Continue reading This Book Isn’t Getting The Love it Deserves

New Bookstore Coming Soon to Queens, NY

Bookstores aren’t easy to find anymore, especially if you aren’t in the Downtown area of a city. If you live in the Kew Gardens section of Queens, pretty soon you’ll have a chance to shop in a storefront bookstore near your home: Continue reading New Bookstore Coming Soon to Queens, NY

Read Them Before They’re Banned

Fewer than two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have shaken up everyone who has good judgment and a basic sense of decency. True, that isn’t everyone.  David Duke is thrilled, but a lot of us aren’t. Many of us have found an outlet, though.  We can register protests, either in person or through some other means. Book lovers have an immediate reaction.  We look for any fiction or nonfiction relevant to the Fascist crap we see coming from the White House. Some recommended titles are The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt, It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray … Continue reading Read Them Before They’re Banned