Blue Angels Over San Francisco

Today (Sunday) is the last day this year that the Navy Department’s Blue Angels aircraft will be flying over San Francisco, causing eardrums and nerves to shake citywide. We’ve been hearing them during limited daytime hours since Thursday.  The (usually) yearly air show is held on weekends, but practice runs are handled on Thursday and Friday. This air show is regarded by many as a tribute to servicemembers who protect our country from threats, and for the record we should not blame servicemembers for instances in which the White House and Pentagon have acted on the wrong impulses.  War decisions … Continue reading Blue Angels Over San Francisco

This Is Only A Test.

The heading on this post is pretty self-explanatory.  Last week, a rescue training exercise was held over Manhattan, to prepare for the incoming President’s security needs.  A link to a DNA Info report appears at the end of this post. All over the country, we’re told to “Be vigilant, but don’t panic.”  Only a person with a calm temperament can heed that advice when the military conducts a rescue exercise overhead without proper notice. People who were in San Francisco in the fall of 1984 can identify, although we didn’t have memories of a September 11-type tragedy to escalate the fear.  A … Continue reading This Is Only A Test.

Blue Angels Fly Over San Francisco

At the moment, I’m sitting in my apartment and feeling grateful for double-paned windows. The Blue Angels are controversial, for good reason.  Although they offer exciting entertainment and serve as good public relations for the Armed Forces, there have been fatal accidents.  To my knowledge, none of those accidents injured anyone on the ground because the planes were flying over sparsely populated areas. I never heard of The Blue Angels until 1984, when they conducted an unannounced rehearsal during the work week over San Francisco.  Some people in the City knew the air show was scheduled for that weekend, but … Continue reading Blue Angels Fly Over San Francisco