Saturday Night Live Aces it

I do just fine without a television.  Streaming and DVDs have covered most of it, and I can live without the occasional show I have to miss. (By the way, the long-awaited George Michael documentary, titled Freedom, will air on Showtime in the United States on Saturday, October 21.  I’ll get to see it because I subscribe to Showtime’s online streaming service.  If you’re very interested in this program and you don’t have Showtime, google the info for the streaming service and decide whether you want to sign up.) Obviously, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live from beginning to end, … Continue reading Saturday Night Live Aces it

The Case of the Purloined Bathmat

The title of this post is misleading.  My bathmat wasn’t stolen.  I’m certain of that.  It disappeared during the night, and if anyone had gotten into the (studio) apartment, I would have heard him or her. Although I don’t recall anything other than getting up once in the middle of the night to use the facilities and then returning to bed, I know that at some point I was sleepwalking.  That was how the bathmat disappeared, and damned if I can find it now.  I may have stepped into the hallway and dropped it down the trash chute during the … Continue reading The Case of the Purloined Bathmat

Freddie Mercury Bio (Book Review)

Mercury: An Intimate Biography Of Freddie Mercury Author: Lesley-Ann Jones Copyright 2011 $26.00 Hardcover (No paperback expected for another few years) Touchstone Books ISBN-13:  978-1-4516-6395-2 (The above information is for the U.S. edition.) On page 226 of the U.S. edition of Mercury, author Lesley-Ann Jones writes: Freddie revealed different aspects of himself to different people, but never his whole self. This could be said of most people.  It’s one of the ways we create boundaries.  At the same time, how well we consciously know ourselves is debatable. We should start by saying Mercury is a unique biography.  Its subject had predictable personal issues — … Continue reading Freddie Mercury Bio (Book Review)